When Art Trumps Taboo

Adi Nes, The Last Supper These artists seem to have found in Jesus an anti-establishment figure; a portrait of suffering; a stranger in a strange land. The new Israeli artists whose work is shown in the recent “Behold the Man” exhibit at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem all seem to recognize many truths about Jesus, and artists seek, paint, sculpt,… Read more →

Lost Angeles: The Story of Angels in Hollywood

Hollywood has an interesting track record of portraying the supernatural. With the resurgence of spiritual, quasi bible-based content in film and television over the past year (aka “The Year of the Bible”), there have been serious attempts to recast the role of the supernatural within the industry. From the rock creatures in Aronofsky’s latest effort Noah to the humans imbued… Read more →

How Do We Find Common Ground? – Reflections on Recent Events at UCLA

by Isaac Brickner “If we cannot disagree without disrespect, we have a serious problem.” Antisemitism has been a hotly discussed issue these past few weeks at UCLA. A handful of student representatives expressed hesitation about electing Rachel Beyda to the Judicial Board of USAC (Undergraduate Students Association Council) because of a potential “conflict of interest” due to her Jewish identity.… Read more →